Welcome to the SFPN FAQ page. Here you can quickly find answers to frequently asked questions about NoCode, membership and working with members. If you can't find what you're looking for, contact us.

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Who can join the SFPN?

Whether you are a NoCode publisher, a training organization, a freelancer, an agency or a company based outside of France, you can join the SFPN and one of its Colleges.

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What is the NoCode Summit?

The NoCode Summit is the first large gathering dedicated to NoCode & LowCode technologies: customer testimonials on the most ambitious NoCode projects, workshops, use-cases, demonstrations, and dozens of booths! The year 2023 marks the 2nd edition which will take place at STATION F on October 10th and 11th.

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What differentiates SFPN from other players in the ecosystem? (No-Code France, France Digitale, Numeum etc)

The vast majority of digital players (Cinov, Numeum, France Digitale etc) are very generalist and are not specialized on the subject of NoCode/LowCode. The SFPN is a specialized and expert union on these NoCode/LowCode topics.

The NoCode France association is also an integral part of the NoCode ecosystem, with just as much expertise as the SFPN. However, the difference is in the nature of the members. Indeed, the SFPN is more B2B oriented while NoCode France is more B2C.

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What is the NoCode?

a development method: it refers to the ability to build digital tools without writing code or having any knowledge of programming
-tools: they are composed of visual assembly interfaces, such as drag and drop for example
-a movement: many actors claim a real digital revolution, professional and citizen, thanks to the no-code method and tools, on a global scale, to meet the challenges of tomorrow's world

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